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Algoma Power Inc. has employees working across the Algoma District from Wawa to Thessalon including supervisory, clerical and technical positions, representing a wide-range of skills and a constant commitment to meet our customers' needs and creating, 'powerful connections.' As a customer you likely know some of these people directly through services they've provided to your residence, cottage or business or through their involvement in the various communities we service.

Our distribution system has grown to over 1800 kilometres of lines in a service area of approximately 14,200 square kilometers serving a diverse range of customers. There's a long and proud history of electricity distribution and service to customers in this area for over 100 years.

Our service and systems have evolved over the years and Ontario's electricity market continues to change. In the last decade,  the opening of the electricity market has brought us all many changes and we're making every effort to work with you to answer your questions, including this website. We value our customer relationships and are continuing our history of working hard to meet your needs. This website is part of that and is one more way we'll provide you with the most current information on our services and updates on Ontario's changing electricity market, conservation inititatives and new regulations.

On October 8, 2009, FortisOntario Inc., a wholly- owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc., purchased Great Lakes Power Distribution Inc. ("GLPD").  Effective, on October 9, 2009, GLPD changed its name to Algoma Power Inc.  Our distribution business will operate under the name Algoma Power Inc.  It is with pleasure we note that our new owner has similar roots in the early history of distributing electricity in Ontario and holds the same strong core values that we have built our business on.

No matter who you choose to supply the actual "commodity" (generated electricity), as your local distributor Algoma Power Inc.  is in business to oversee the local power "delivery" system that delivers electricity to your home/ business. Algoma Power Inc. is not a Retailer.

Algoma Power Inc. is still responsible in our service area for:

• Building and maintaining the local electric distribution system;
• Responding to outage calls;
• Installing electricity meters;
• Reading meters;
• Producing bills and taking bill payments; and
• Handling customer inquiries about the electricity industry.

Algoma Power Inc. will remain your electricity provider if you do not sign on with an electricity retailer. On your behalf, electricity is purchased from the Spot Market and then passed on to you at cost. As such, there is no financial impact on Algoma Power Inc.  whether you stay with us or switch to a retailer.

As the marketplace continues to evolve, we will also evolve to continue to supply a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible service to our many customers.

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