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Health, Safety & Environment

At Algoma Power Inc., we are committed to excellence in everything that we do. As an organization, integration of all Health, Safety and Environmental factors, our vision of core values are considered in all Company's planning, decision making and business practices. 

Electrical Safety Survey - 6 questions

Test your electrical safety awareness! (A great quiz to take with your kids!)


Everyone at Algoma Power Inc. has a personal, unrelenting commitment to safety and environmental excellence.

2020 Health and Safety Policy

2020 Environmental Policy


Safety Message

The electrical environment is an inherently hazardous workplace. Whenever you are living, working or playing near, around or on, electrical apparatus, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the presence of electrical connections, conductor and equipment that may cause harm to you, a co-worker or, a family member.


Green Mortgages / Energy Efficient Mortgages 

What is a "Green Mortgage" or "Energy Efficient" mortgage. Green mortgages are a concrete way for families to both save money and make a large scale change in the way that they live their lives in regards to the environment.  Making your house more energy efficient will cost less to maintain, have lower monthly utilities costs and generally last longer.  CLICK HERE for more information.



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