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Smart Meters

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Bi-annually, on May 1st and November 1st, the Ontario Energy Board sets new electricity (cost of power) rates for consumers. Visit www.ontarioenergyboard.ca to obtain  current electricity rate information. 

More information on T.O.U. rates can be found online at:  www.ieso.ca/imoweb/siteshared/smart_meters.asp

Measurement Canada:  www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/mc-mc.nsf/eng/lm03961.html

Ministry of Energy:  www.energy.gov.on.ca

10 Smart Meter Lane:  www.ieso.ca/house/


How Does a Smart Meter Work!   CLICK HERE 


Why Smart Meters?

Smart Meters and the information they provide can help the consmer save energy on high use days, keeping the lights on for everyone.  Smart Meters and the technology used can help the consumer make smart choices to save energy and save money on their energy bills.  Smart Meters will help you understand your energy habits.  Knowing how much energy you are consuming on a daily basis can help you better manage your energy and pocket book.  In the future, your Smart Meter will record your total electricity consumption hour by hour.


What are Smart Meters?

Smart Meters are digital meters that will communicate energy use information between the meter at your home or business and sends it to your local distribution company.  Your local distribution company then sends this information to the IESO who bundles the consumption information and sends it back to the local distribution company for billing.








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