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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bill so high?

Below are some explanations of what could lead to high bills. As well there is information on the easiest ways to try and prevent high bills from happening again.

·         Inefficient Energy Use

o   Old appliances in your home may by inefficient and may drive energy costs up

o   Conversely, check NEW appliances to ensure they are set to the most energy efficient settings

§  Visit API’s website for tips on how to conserve energy and find programs that CNP offers that could help you to monitor and reduce your usage  

·         Time-of –Use Billing

o   Check your invoice to ensure you are using the bulk of your electricity during off peak times

o    Think about ways to shift your home patterns to make best use of Off Peak times.  For example;

§  Laundry on weekends

§  Run dishwashers and large appliances in the evening rather than during the day


**Take Charge of your energy consumption with MyHydroEye.  Not signed up for MHE? Create your account today. Also, find quick tips on taking advantage of TOU pricing to help reduce your bill. 

·         Increased Electricity use can be caused by;

o   Varying Seasons – Winter and Summer months may require more heating and or air conditioning

o   More people in your house (tenants, guests)

o   Power tools, electric heaters in garages or basements

Can I affix signs, flagpoles, satellite dishes, etc. to API poles?

According to the Electricity Act, 1998, Section 47 it reads:  Every person who, without the consent of a transmitter or distributor, nails or otherwise attaches or causes anything to be nailed or otherwise attached to or upon any wooden transmission or distribution pole of the transmitter or distributor is guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to a fine of not more than $200. 1998, c.15, Schedule A, S 47.

What if I sign with a retailer?

If you sign a contract with a retailer, Algoma Power Inc. remains your distributor and will deliver electricity to your service.  Your invoice will show the retailer’s charge for electricity. If you have signed with a retailer you have a cooling-off period and may cancel by notifying the retailer, in writing, within 10 business days. Please remember that a contract is legally binding and you do not want to sign a contract with more than one retailer.

What if I have inadvertently signed contracts with more than one retailer?

You should attempt to resolve the issue directly with the retailer. The contracts are legally binding agreements and there may be penalties associated with cancelling prior to the end-date as specified in the contract(s). If you have questions or concerns about your contract you should contact your retailer. Once you have signed a contract with a retailer you should receive a confirmation letter from the retailer. These letters contain confirmation of important information. This information will include: the contract price and length of contract; whether your bill will come from the retailer or API; retailer obligations - under the Electricity Retailer Code of Conduct and the Consumer Protection Act (Ontario); and retailer phone numbers for customer inquiries and complaints.

Who will bill me for my electricity?

Algoma Power Inc. will issue the bill on behalf of the retailer and it will display as a line item on your bill.   

Who will maintain the meters at my home or business?

Algoma Power Inc. is responsible for maintaining your meter.  Please ensure it is accessible to our crews at all times. Failure to allowing access may result in disconnection of service.

Who do I call if I have a service problem, outage or emergency?

You would call Algoma Power Inc. who manages the distribution wires and poles and, in the majority of cases, is responsible for delivering power to your property line. The Emergency Telephone Number is 705-256-3850 or 1-877-457-7378.  

Who fixes power lines if they fail due to weather or accidents?

Algoma Power Inc. is responsible for maintaining the power lines and ensuring that electricity is delivered to your property line in the majority of cases. Small repairs can be completed on private property by Algoma Power’s crews. Larger repairs will require the customer hire an electrical contractor on private property to repair the damage. 

What do customers need to know if their service is fed over or under land owned by a third party?

If a customer intends to connect a service line to API facilities by crossing over or under land owned by a third party, API strongly recommends that the customer should preserve the right to cross the third party land by obtaining a registered easement in perpetuity from the third party owner. Failure to obtain the registered easement may result in the third party owner or a successor intering with the customer's ability to maintain, repair or replace the service line. It may also result in the third party or a successor taking legal action to require the customer to remove the service line from the third party which would require disconnection of the customer's service and may necessitate a new service line installation at another location at the customer's expense. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If there are tree concerns at a property, it is prudent to manage the removal of the vegetation at a planned time. Doing this in a controlled way will allow for planning. Disconnection of service wire is recommended for your safety. Contact our office to ascertain ownership of lines and if required, to arrange for a disconnection. Costly repairs can result for a customer if a danger tree is not handled quickly.

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