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For outages or trouble calls, call 1-844-901-9473
Algoma Power
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Outage & Emergency Response

Outage's, Emergency Response, and Planned Outages

In order to properly manage our business we deal with power outages, accidents, downed wires, live wires and other emergencies related to our system.

Our 24 hour power outage and emergency number is 1-844-901-9473 (WIRE).  If you experience an outage or emergency, call our 24-hour emergency number.

Whether or not you've signed up to buy electricity from a retailer, we are still responsible for delivering that electricity to you over our power lines.

With this comes the job of maintaining and repairing that system. So if you experience a power outage, want to report an accident, or come across a downed wire, or to get information about planned outages contact our emergency line.

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